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Advanced Thinking Skills

Advanced Thinking Skills provides highly effective nonverbal reasoning activities to improve vocabulary, reading, writing, math, logic, and figural-spatial skills, as well as visual and auditory processing. This Program provides an exceptional skill set, a solid foundation for academic excellence and success on any assessment test.

Activities in this program are sequenced developmentally for age appropriate groups. This program presents each skill (for example, classifying) in the semi-concrete figural-spatial form. (The companion verbal activities presents the same skills in the abstract verbal form.) Children learn to analyze relationships between objects, between words, and between objects and words as they: observe, recognize, and describe characteristics;

  • Minimum age is 6 (recommended for ages 6 – 14).
  • Students will be provided with a computer to work.
  • Students need to bring their own sack lunch if they are enrolling for morning and evening session.